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Notice of Lee Barnes Passing - October 25th

From Chris LeBlanc: Class of -72, hit your knees....The Lord just took Lee Roy Barnes, Jr. home just a few minutes ago. The doctors were weaning him off the ventilator and it appears his heart just could not take it. He’s gone… Lee has now just met his father for the first time, back on the reservation. For those that might not be aware, Lee Roy Sr. (for the love of me now, I cannot remember his tribal name) was an American Soldier, too, and was lost during the Korean War. He is buried in Kansas.
I will let folks know when I can what decisions are made for burial. Lee's son Chris is not sure yet. Stand by for more news, and stand up for a great American and Soldier.
Lee was in A-1.

Lee Barnes - Biography

Lee Barnes joined the Army as an Armor Cavalry Second Lieutenant upon graduation from West Point in 1972; he retired at the rank of Colonel, in 1997.

His service included duty stations in Korea, Germany and United States. He served as a tank Platoon Leader, Headquarters Company Commander, Armored Cavalry Troop Commander, and Tank Battalion Commander (concurrently serving as the Tank Regiment Commander for the Opposing Forces at the National Training Center). His staff time included battalion personnel (S1and Adjutant), logistics (S4) and operations, planning, and training (Army National Guard Advisor, Battalion XO, Brigade S3 and XO, and Division G3). His final posting was as the Chief of the Advanced Concept Office for Army Forces Command.

Lee joined Mystech Associates, which joined Northrop Grumman Corporation through a series of mergers. Lee served as Subject Matter Expert, Business Area Manager, Department Director, National Account Manager, Business Development Manager, and finally, as the Corporate Lead Executive, Orlando, retiring in 2012.

Lee has served as an independent consultant, but chooses to remain RETIRED, except for his volunteer activities, fishing, golfing and grand parenting.

Lee initially volunteered in 2011, to help with the Camaraderie Foundation annual golf tournament, “Pars and Stripes Forever”. He was elected to the board of directors in January, 2013. He was elected as Programs Director in 2015, elected Vice Chair of the Board in 2017, as Chair in Jan 2018, and in Jan 2019, re-elected as Chair for an additional one-year term.

'72 Classmates in Orlando

Here is the picture of all 72 classmates at the Cape Canaveral National Cemetary-A1 plus Chris Le Blanc, Steve Main and Ben Martin.

Lee Roy was well remembered and honored by many friends and associates.  Skip did a great job sharing some remembrance for A-1 and Chris did the same. Ann was very appreciative of the company turnout!
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Classmates at Lee Barnes Funeral

Going around the table starting on the left are:
Chris LeBlanc; Tod Wilson; Murro Martens; Bill Guarino; Ray Idzior; Paul Oskvarek; Lee’s son Christopher; Skip Ash; Tom Waller; Steve Curtis; Tom Pawlowski; Steve Main

West Point Grad News

Congrats to Us!

Todd Browne with WPAOG Stevie AwardsThis year WPAOG won 2 Gold Stevie Awards and 2 Silver Stevie Awards from the American Business Awards Program. There were over 3,600 nominations from many notable companies like Forbes Media, Comcast and Microsoft. The virtual Stevie Awards ceremony for 2020 took place Wednesday, July 5, 2020, at 2pm EDT. The awards ceremony stream link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FhTT5JcYG5A&feature=youtu.be

"Thank you for recognizing our work with two Gold and two Silver Stevie Awards. These Awards are an opportunity to acknowledge our dedicated staff and the service & contribution of West Point Graduates to our Country, in war and peace. Thank you & Go Army!" - Todd Browne, President and CEO, of the West Point Association of Graduates.

Our *Gold* Awards:

WPAOG 150th Anniversary Video (click on the link to watch the video) https://vimeo.com/322807700
The Parent Handbook (click on the link for the current handbook) https://www.westpointaog.org/parentresources

Our *Silver* Awards:

Non-Profit Organization of the Year https://www.westpointaog.org/home
Human Resources Team of the Year
The New Career Services Team https://wpaogcareers.org/

*Outstanding job, everyone!*

Calling all members of the Long Gray Line

WPAOG is now planning the 2020 edition of the West Point "Register of Graduates & Former Cadets," and we need you to update your career information.

The "Register" is WPAOG’s oldest publication, dating back to 1850, when the first edition was compiled by George W. Cullum, Class of 1833. It is an indispensable treasury of military history, documenting the service to the nation of every West Point graduate since 1802.

Click on the link to review and update your Register of Graduates profile: https://www.westpointaog.org/registerofgraduates

Dr. Toftoy - "Blunders: Shocking Mistakes That Altered History"

Dr. Toftoy - "Blunders: Shocking Mistakes That Altered History"Dr. Charles N. Toftoy is excited about the upcoming release of his book, Blunnders: Shocking Mistakes That Altered History. The Alpha Team is back! This time they explore little known facts about History’s worst Blunders, a series of mistakes causing and leading up to a disaster or horrific event, where numerous lives are lost that could’ve been saved.

Six years of research has brought forth the truth about what really happened, the cover-ups and more!

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to: Wounded Warrior Mentor Program. (Dr. Toftoy is a mentor in the program.)

The book will be made available at Amazonand all major online bookstores everywhere. Get your copy when it comes out and please, pass this information onto your contacts, too, so they can enjoy reading all about the history of these disasters that most people do not know.

Dr. Charles N. Toftoy has worked in three sectors: military (20 years), corporate (12 years), academic (17 years). He was a U.S. Army airborne ranger, infantry officer. Toftoy is a highly decorated (wounded twice) Vietnam veteran (two tours).

Class Notes Updates This Week

Class Notes Updates This WeekThe following classes have added updates this week to their Class Notes pages. 1953 | 1958 | 1962 | 1965 | 1966 | 1973 | 1974 | 1988 | 1989 | 1990 | 1996 | 2002 | 2019. Class Notes

Hall ’19 Awarded Rotary Global Grant

Hall ’19 Awarded Rotary Global GrantCongratulations to 2LT Grant Hall ’19 and colleagues for their publication in The Lancet on their relevant and timely research on the “Rapid implementation of SARS-CoV-2 sequencing to investigate cases of health-care associated COVID-19: a prospective genomic surveillance study”. For his stellar academic achievements and dedication to research, 2LT Hall was awarded a Rotary Global Grant and is currently pursuing his M.Phil. in Biological Sciences (Pathology) at the University of Cambridge.” https://www.thelancet.com/…

WPAOG Board Holds Special Meeting

WPAOG LogoYour West Point Association of Graduates (WPAOG) Board recently convened a special meeting on the subject of racism. Led by a professional, outside facilitator, our dialogue prompted genuine retrospection. Discussion ensued on the definitional aspects and inter-connectivity among the various facets of racism, diversity, and inclusion. Perhaps most importantly, it underscored the necessity for policy changes and positive action. From a WPAOG perspective, the meeting was a natural follow-on to the Chairman’s June 15th letter to the Long Gray Line (LGL) on racism. It was a bridge to continued coordinated efforts to acknowledge, identify and eliminate racism in all forms within WPAOG. On-going efforts include a thorough review of all policy documents, concerted efforts to improve diversity in WPAOG governing bodies, and greater attention to inclusion and outreach to all members of our extensive graduate body. While the entire Board and WPAOG leadership is engaged in this work, a designated committee of Board and Advisory Council members and other graduates is providing focused attention to these matters. In support of our mission to Serve West Point and the Long Gray Line, we stand ready to support the Academy when asked to do so by its leaders. Concurrently, we never forget the equally important part of our mission to serve the entire LGL. In that regard, we ask again for your ideas and advice on how to eliminate all forms of racism and advance diversity and inclusion within the WPAOG community. We will listen.

General Officer Announcements

General Officer AnnouncementsThe following officers were confirmed by the Senate:

LTG Edward M. Daly ’87 for appointment to the rank of General and assignment as Commanding General, U.S. Army Materiel Command, Redstone Arsenal, AL.

MG Dennis Scott McKean ’90 for appointment to the rank of Lieutenant General and assignment as Deputy Commanding General, Futures and Concepts, U.S. Army Futures Command, Austin, TX.

For promotion to the rank of Brigadier General: COL (USAR) Christopher Z. Barra ’89, COL Robert L. Barrie, Jr. ’90, COL Christopher G. Beck ’93, COL Trevor J. Bredenkamp ’92, COL Paul G. Craft ’93, COL Matthew L. Eichburg ’93, COL David C. Foley ’94, COL Patrick L. Gaydon ’94, COL Clair A. Gill ’94, COL James P. Isenhower III ’92, COL Ryan M. Janovic ’93, COL Thomas W. O’Connor, Jr. ’94, COL William A. Ryan III ’94, COL David C. Trybula ’89 and COL Richard L. Zellman ’92.

Buffalo Soldiers Day

Buffalo Soldiers DayBuffalo Soldiers Day on July 28th commemorates the formation of the first regular Army regiments comprising African American soldiers in 1866, seventeen months after the end of the Civil War. Buffalo Soldiers of the 9th and 10th Cavalries were frontier regiments that protected unsettled lands as pioneers moved westward as they endured the hardships of the Wild West. They were recognized for their strong efforts during the Spanish-American War and other engagements in the late 1800s. During World War I, each unit received stateside assignments, with some exceptions. Neither unit saw action during World War II. In 1944, the Army activated both regiments and transferred service members to other units, as integration in the military began. 

Photo courtesy of the Library of Congress

COL(R) Kimbrough ’89 Selected to Command SpaceX Crew-2

NASA and its international partners have selected NASA astronaut Shane Kimbrough to serve as spacecraft commander for the Fly on SpaceX Crew-2 Mission, which will be the second operational SpaceX Crew Dragon flight to the International Space Station as part of NASA’s Commercial Crew Program.

NASA astronaut Megan McArthur will serve as spacecraft pilot for the mission. JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) astronaut Akihiko Hoshide and ESA (European Space Agency) astronaut Thomas Pesquet will join as mission specialists.

Crew-2 is targeted to launch in spring 2021, following the successful completion of both NASA’s SpaceX Demo-2 test flight mission, which is expected to return to Earth August 2, and the launch of NASA’s SpaceX Crew-1 mission, which is targeted for late September. The Crew-2 astronauts will remain aboard the space station for approximately six months as expedition crew members, along with three crewmates who will launch via a Russian Soyuz spacecraft.

This will be Kimbrough’s third trip to space and his second long-duration stay at the space station. Born in Killeen, Texas, and raised in Atlanta, Kimbrough was selected as an astronaut in 2004. He first launched aboard space shuttle Endeavour for a visit to the station on the STS-126 mission in 2008, then aboard a Russian Soyuz spacecraft for Expedition 49/50 in 2016. He has spent a total of 189 days in space and performed six spacewalks.