2016 Mini Reunion Welcome


Well here we are a week away from the start of our Class of 72 – 2016 Mini-Reunion, our 4th Annual Mini Reunion. As I look at the register, there are more names that are attending our “Annual” Reunion for the first time. I hope your experience in meeting classmates from all 4 Regiments in a more relaxed setting is rewarding to you. More than one classmate has commented that the more relaxed settings at the annual events has allowed them to get to know more classmates because the 5 year reunions often center around catching up with their company mates.

We have some companies that are using the Annual Mini Reunion format to get together. Out of the 58 registered classmates this year we have 9 classmates coming from A-1, 7 classmates coming from C-2, 5 classmates coming from G-3 and 6 classmates from B-4. We have 111 registered attendees and expect to have 106 attendees at the Banquet on Wednesday night.

We have only one major change to the itinerary that we started with back in early May, when the Memorial Service was scheduled for Thursday morning at no charge. Let me say thank you to Bubba Bowden who can’t attend this year yet has put the program together and Will Webb who will be the program MC for husbanding this forward. Due to a logistical issue, we switched it from Thursday morning at a “to be determined site” to Wednesday morning. It was then shifted to be at the Flamingo Resort where we would have a “Memorial Breakfast” that required us to arrange for a buffet breakfast to lock in the space. We always talk about the need for flexibility in planning, right?

So last week when 2 local classmates, Nick Lawrence and Gary Moore, found out about the upcoming Min Reunion, we got the opportunity to access a nearby Cathedral, the Cathedral of St. Eugene’s, for the Memorial Service. Since we are already contractually obligated to the Flamingo Resort for the breakfast – 57 attendees at $25 pp and we need to be done in time for those who will be kayaking on the Russian River and meeting at the hotel at 10 am, we have come up with the following schedule:

Per Will’s last email, his suggested modification would be
  • breakfast 0730 to 0815,
  • transition to Cathedral 0815 to 0830, (it is nearby)
  • Memorial 0830 to 0915. 

Will Webb is still working with Steve and Carleene Myer to get their touching video testimony together. It will be a tight schedule so please show up at the breakfast at 7:30 am sharp! Remember the word flexibility!

So we can get an accurate count for the breakfast, when you check in please confirm that you will be attending the breakfast.

Nick Lawrence who resides in Sonoma suggested I remind all attending that while the temperatures will be quite warm during the day, it will drop into the 50’s at night so you may want to include something to keep you warm for activities involving the evening or early morning. That characteristic is a key reason why the area is such a magnet for growing the grapes that make the excellent wines. He also is hoping to attract some of you who plan on arriving in the area on Saturday afternoon/evening to a Barbecue at his house if he can calm his wife down after having made the offer. He can be reached at (510) 499-4112 or by email at HRNL707@gmail.com

We have business/tourist casual for the banquet on Wednesday night. More knowledgeable individuals than me suggested that you plan on bringing a jacket, no tie.

We really have grown to depend more on our class website, www.westpoint72.com  that Steve Presley has set up for the class. Steve is hoping that all of you take pictures at the various activities with the idea of collecting them to be put up on the website for all to enjoy. More to come. And check the website for any last minute information that we come up with.

There is a class meeting just prior to the Wednesday Banquet. While Rolly will not be able to attend this year, our own Bobby Curran and John Northrop will be able to give you the latest on what is going on at West Point.

This upcoming reunion started with many of you filling out the survey that Chuck Coleman put together that gave us a direction for where you all would like to have an annual reunion. Along the way Mel Kimsey offered to become our on the ground representative. Then the local area’s room rates of $500 or more per night caused me to wonder if we were going to be able to actually have this reunion!

We have come a long way from the initial site visit late last year by Mel Kimsey and Steve Presley after The Flamingo Resort stepped forward with such generous rates. Later, Tim Lupfer scheduled a weekend stay in the area to gather information for all on local activities.  And a lot of weekly planning calls by those listed below. My many thanks to their willingness to participate. Now that remains is for all of you to make this a very special time!

Larry Aubrecht – Co Chairman

Class of 1972 Mini Reunion Planning Committee:
Larry Aubrecht, Steve Mulliken, Tim Lupfer, Steve Presley, Chris LeBlanc, Tom Hendrix, Bob Curran, John Northrop, Paul Herbert, Greg Bowman, Al Geraci, Grant Smith, Rolly Dessert, Joe Lamb, Bubba Bowden, Mel Kimsey, Chuck Coleman

Currently Registered for Reunion Activities

Name_______________Co.___Guest_________               Arrival_______Departure
Robert "Skip" Ash     A-1                                            9/23/2018            9/27/2018
Lee Barnes                A-1                                             9/24/2018            9/27/2018
John Boxberger        A-1                                             9/23/2018            9/27/2018
Frank Eich                  A-1         Connie Eich               9/23/2018            9/27/2018
Bill Guarino                A-1         Trish Guarino           9/22/2018            9/27/2018
William Phillips          A-1         Valerie Phillips          9/23/2018            9/27/2018
Larry Aubrecht          B-1                                             9/22/2018            9/27/2018
Thom Thomas           B-1         Vicky Thomas            9/24/2018            9/27/2018
Chris LeBlanc             C-1         Jill LeBlanc                 9/21/2018            9/27/2018
Scott Miller                 C-1                                             9/23/2018            9/27/2018
Jay Rossi                      C-1         Cynthia Rossi            9/22/2018            9/27/2018
Gary Speer                  E-1          Cathy Speer             9/23/2018            9/27/2018
Bob Allbright              B-2         Cate Allbright            9/22/2018            9/27/2018
Ed Freund                   B-2         Connie Freund          9/22/2018            9/27/2018
John LaSala                 B-2         Joyce LaSala              9/23/2018            9/27/2018
James Slone                D-2                                            9/23/2018            9/27/2018
Thomas McNerney    E-2          Natalia McNerney   9/23/2018            9/27/2018
Dave McMurry            G-2                                            9/22/2018            9/27/2018       
August Manguso        H-2         Jennifer Manguso    9/22/2018            9/27/2018
Jim Lee                         I-2                                               9/22/2018            9/27/2018
Bob Lossius                I-2           Roma Lossius            9/24/2018            9/27/2018
Paul Dunn                   C-3         Judy Dunn                   9/23/2018            9/27/2018
Richard Leibert           C-3         Donna Leibert            9/22/2018            9/27/2018
Ken Ratajczak              D-3         Anne Ratajczak          9/22/2018            9/27/2018
Chuck Coleman           E-3          Holly Coleman          9/24/2018            9/27/2018
Jeff Dufault                   G-3         Cathy Dufault            9/24/2018            9/27/2018
Tony Dedmond           B-4         Rhonda Desmond     9/23/2018            9/27/2018
Greg Hart                     B-4         Evelyn Hart                  9/22/2018            9/27/2018


Currently Have Hotel Registerations

Class of 1972 (84+1)
1st Regiment (34)

Co.   Name                Arrive           Depart  
Ash, Robert               9/23/2018   9/27/2018
Barnes, Lee               9/23/2018   9/27/2018
Boxberger, John       9/23/2018   9/27/2018
Broussard, Stephen 9/22/2018   9/28/2018
Eich, Frank                 9/23/2018   9/27/2018
Guarino, William       9/23/2018   9/27/2018
Lyon, James               9/22/2018   9/28/2018
Martens, Murro         9/23/2018  9/27/2018
Oskvarek, Paul          9/22/2018   9/27/2018
Phillips, William         9/23/2018  9/27/2018
Aubrecht, Lawrence  9/22/2018   9/27/2018
Clark, Bruce                9/23/2018   9/27/2018
Geary, Steve               9/23/2018   9/27/2018
Gendron, Blake          9/19/2018   9/27/2018
Geraci, John                9/23/2018   9/28/2018
Potter, Gary                9/23/2018   9/27/2018
Thomas, Harold         9/24/2018   9/28/2018
Ardleigh, Hough         9/22/2018   9/27/2018
Brown, Harry              9/23/2018   9/27/2018
Hall, Wayne                 9/22/2018   9/27/2018
Leblanc, Chris             9/21/2018   9/27/2018
Miller, Scott                 9/23/2018   9/27/2018
Rossi, Jay                      9/22/2018   9/28/2018
Black, Cliff                   9/23/2018   9/27/2018
Main, Stephen            9/23/2018   9/27/2018
McDaniel, William      9/23/2018   9/27/2018
Dees, Robert               9/23/2018   9/27/2018
Speer, Gary                 9/23/2018   9/27/2018
Hougnon, James         9/23/2018   9/27/2018
Miller, Dennis              9/23/2018   9/27/2018
Roggow, John              9/23/2018   9/27/2018
Smith, Grant                9/23/2018   9/27/2018
Mohney, James           9/23/2018   9/27/2018
Peppler, Scott              9/22/2018   9/27/2018
2nd Regiment (17)
Co.   Name                Arrive           Depart 
Allbright, Robert        9/23/2018    9/27/2018
Boswell, Thomas       9/23/2018    9/27/2018
Freund, Edward         9/23/2018    9/27/2018
Lasala, John                9/23/2018    9/27/2018
Murray, Michael        9/23/2018    9/27/2018
Bowman, Greg           9/22/2018   9/28/2018
Galioto, James            9/23/2018   9/27/2018
Northrop, John           9/23/2018   9/28/2018
Ritacco, Raymond      9/23/2018   9/27/2018
Sarpen, Gary               9/23/2018   9/27/2018
Kimsey, Mel                 9/24/2018   9/27/2018
Slone, James                9/23/2018   9/27/2018
McNerney, Thomas    9/23/2018   9/27/2018
Newlan, D. David        9/23/2018   9/27/2018
Welch, William            9/22/2018   9/27/2018
Lee, James                    9/22/2018   9/27/2018
Lossius, Robert           9/21/2018   9/27/2018
3rd Regiment (16)
Co.   Name                Arrive           Depart 
Hamilton, Albert         9/23/2018   9/27/2018
Hickox, Dan                 9/23/2018   9/27/2018
Toler, Michael             9/22/2018   9/27/2018
Dunn, Paul                  9/23/2018   9/27/2018
Jacobsen, Jonathan    9/23/2018   9/27/2018
Leibert, Richard          9/23/2018   9/27/2018
Ratajczak, Kenneth    9/23/2018   9/27/2018
Crocker, Robert          9/23/2018   9/28/2018
Coleman, Charles       9/23/2018   9/27/2018
Harlan, William           9/23/2018   9/27/2018
Adamczyk, Joseph      9/23/2018   9/27/2018
Bailey, Gene                9/23/2018   9/27/2018

Dufault, Jeffrey           9/23/2018   9/27/2018
Lien, Richard               9/23/2018   9/27/2018
Coleman, Charles       9/23/2018   9/27/2018
Baranzyk, Stephen     9/23/2018   9/27/2018
4th Regiment (17)
Co.   Name                Arrive           Depart 
Alfaro, Fernando       9/22/2018   9/27/2018
Greczyn, Norman      9/23/2018   9/27/2018
Hatch, William           9/23/2018   9/27/2018
Hoon, Doug               9/23/2018   9/27/2018
Kidder, John               9/22/2018   9/27/2018
Marvin, John              9/23/2018   9/27/2018
Matiya, John               9/23/2018   9/27/2018
Warner, Charles        9/23/2018   9/27/2018
Webb, Will                  Ukn               Ukn             Not Omni
Bradford, David         9/23/2018   9/27/2018
Scovill, Peter               9/23/2018   9/27/2018
Wilson, A Rhodes       9/23/2018   9/27/2018

Donaghy, Michael      9/23/2018   9/27/2018
Lupfer, Timothy          9/23/2018   9/27/2018
Powers, Robert           9/23/2018   9/27/2018
Pavlick, William           9/23/2018   9/27/2018
Saylor, William            9/23/2018   9/27/2018
Curran, Bob                 9/23/2018   9/27/2018
Roads, Kindra              9/23/2018   9/28/2018