It's Football Season

Coordinator - TBD
2024             FAU                              September 7
                        Temple                       September 26
                        Tulsa                           October 5
                        North Texas              November 9
                        Notre Dame             November 23
                        Navy (DC)                  December 14
2025             USAFA                         November 1
                        Navy (Baltimore)     December 13                   

Army - Navy 2024

NAVY 2024: We’ve begun tentative discussions about Navy.  This year it’s at FedEx field, and there are a ton of us in the DC area. We will try to do something here the Thursday before the game, which is on Dec 14th. Location TBD.

John Northrop



The other engagement item was brought up by Curran. A group is planning a river cruise in Europe this fall. My guidance was that when the initiator of the action notifies us to put the word out, we’ll do so. The thought is that that individual’s initiative no doubt includes other friends and Classmates. We don’t want to send out a blast, and have the reservations fill up before the original group of friends get their reservation in. Also, we’re chary of inadvertently assigning someone to involuntarily become the cruise director.
So what I’ve asked for the Engagement Team is to have a calendar where we can post events, and list the POC or event info, and have this available on the WestPoint 72 web site. We can post activities such as cruises, golfing grads, and football tailgates dates on this location. This is a comms/engage issue.