2024 Registration Notice

Online Registration for Charleston Mini Reunion has been deactivated as of 6 April 2024.  However, if you want to make a reservation, you may do so by calling Larry Aubrecht at 303-898-0595.

Thank you for your patience.

Refund Policy

Your West Point Class of 72 Planning Committee has to make financial commitments as we put together Various Activities for our upcoming Mini Reunion, most of which are time sensitive.

Admin Fee: As such, the Admin Fees are not refundable.

Monday Night Sunset Cruise: Putting together the Monday Night Sunset Cruise is more complex requiring sizeable cash outlays in advance of the activity to guarantee this special activity and keep the price attractive at $99 pp. This activity will only be refundable if cruise minimums are met.  But we need accurate counts by February 1st in order to insure there is adequate capacity for attendees, so we need you to register early! 

Other Activities: Refunding of other activity charges will only be made if cancelations are made prior to financial Commitments.